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What started as a project focused on discovering next generation enzymatic compounds (in partnership with a Japanese research firm), has transformed into an advanced refinery technology. The result of 15 years of R&D, is the world's most energy efficient diesel fuel: Enezol Energize Diesel.

The key to our proprietary refinery technology, resides in our Energizing Particle Stack
TM. This revolutionary reforming process, involves bombarding the diesel distillate with specialized catalyst particles that effectively increases the fuel's combustion efficiency. 

Additionally, the Energizing Particle Stack
TM aids in providing critical protection to the diesel distillate from oxidation, moisture-uptake and other impurities adhering to it - preventing fuel deterioration and poor combustion. 

Through real-world testing, we have observed 20% fuel savings (on average) when Enezol Energize Diesel is used. Some applications tested have resulted in higher fuel savings, while others slightly less. However, when compared to diesel fuel available on the market, Enezol Energize Diesel has demonstrated positive fuel savings across all engine applications tested.

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